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07/28/08 07:07 PM #1    

Megan Mueller (Herbert)

I really wanted to come to the reunion and see everyone, but due to some problems with my pregnacy, I am on bedrest. I can't drive the 14 hours to get there and I am too close to my due date by then to fly. Hope everyone has fun!

07/30/08 06:01 PM #2    

Geoffrey Gregory

I cant wait to see what half of you look like over 10 years lol, anyways for those who knew me i cant wait to see ya and for those who didn't know me, nows a good time to start lol.

Cya at the reunion

08/13/08 05:38 PM #3    

Lani McAffee (Caldwell)

I hope you all have fun at the reunion! I would love to be there but won't be able to make it!

08/13/08 11:42 PM #4    

Rebecka Tew (Norton)

I too wish I could be there this weekend--I hope someone remembers me...But I do have to tell you all that over the 4th of July, guess who came to my town and played in concert? SURVIVOR!! I was so excited. You should have seen me rocking out to Eye of the Tiger. I got it on video, I thought about posting it, but I think you hear me WAY more than Survivor, so I decided against it. But it was a lot of fun and they sounded really good. Have fun this weekend!

08/14/08 02:33 PM #5    

David Shipley

We will take a lot of pictures at the reunion- and then post them here. Even if a few people forgot about you Rebecka, we have some good pictures of you from our high school days to jog their memories! I will also post the video of high school pics once the reunion is over.

08/15/08 04:29 PM #6    

Jennifer Baker (Galles)

awww - I'm so bummed I won't be there! Have fun to everyone who is going! Drink one for me!

08/15/08 04:49 PM #7    

April Jones (Sattison)

Rebecka I for one totally remember you LOL of course going through most of my school years in the same school really helps with that :D You will be missed!

08/15/08 04:50 PM #8    

April Jones (Sattison)

Guess I'll see the rest of you that are going tonight! :)

08/16/08 10:47 PM #9    

Emily McCord (Doman)

Thanks to all who put this on it was alot of fun.I wish all could have been there we had alot of fun.

08/17/08 11:39 PM #10    

Chris Arb (Turner)

I wish I could have made it to the reunion. I hope all who went had a great time. I look forward to seeing the pictures that will be posted.

08/18/08 11:14 AM #11    

Alan Johnston

Hey, big thanks to Dave for organizing the thing, and to the Taniel formally known as Landon for making everything happen. They were awsome, and I think everyone had a wicked good time. I thought it was fun to see everyone's kids on Saturday, and catch up with everyone else. I thought it was especially cool to talk to the military guys like David Dalton and Doug Brasee.
P.S. I left some camp chairs at the park. Does anyone know where they are?

08/19/08 04:51 PM #12    

Gailen "Rusty" Gifford

Hi everyone, Sorry I couldn't make it to the reunion. I had very short notice of the reunion. Hope everyone had fun hope to catch the next one. If anyone would like to contact me I just added my contact information to my profile. Take Care of yourselfs Hope all is well.

08/19/08 04:56 PM #13    

Rachelle Woolstenhulme (Murdock)

Thanks to all who were involved in putting the reunion together! It was a lot of fun to catch up with old friends. For those who didn't make it, hope to see you in another 10 years!!!

08/20/08 02:14 AM #14    

Tiffany Rasmussen (Love)

Sounds like the reunion was eventful. Sorry I missed it! I hope to make it to the next one!

05/11/09 03:07 PM #15    

Heather Deede (Peterson)

Bummed that I couldn't make it to the reunion, but I really enjoyed viewing the pics ;) I will definitely be there for the next reunion.

08/14/11 06:34 PM #16    

April Johnson

Fellow clasmates of 98. I have a plan for Dear Old I.F. High. I want anybody who is interested in revitalizing Idaho Falls High School to let me know.Perhaps we can make it a class project. Anydboy who would like to help contribute to a new marquee please let the district know. The Marquee is old and needs to be replaced.Also there are some minor things here and there that need some work as well. If you have any suggestions on how we can help I.F. look better on the exterior and restore it's beauty please let me know.




April Johnsen

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